Saturday, July 28, 2018

Reboot of Tarzan

Yes, this is a reboot and redesign of a blog I had originally named Tarzan: Surviving the 21st Century Jungle. I had a subtitle of "half naked and out on a limb." Although the title has changed to be a little more universal, the concept is the same.

It is a jungle out there. It is complex out there. As written for Tarzan, "The jungle we are in includes relationships, home repair, movies, family (wife and kids), work and whatever other denizens of the jungle lurk about." So, jungle is a good symbol for a complex world.

Tarzan, however, is not a good symbol for Sura. I am not some muscular lord of the jungle that can swing on vines easily and save people from the lions. I say this good-humorously, poking fun at my somewhat older self. (Note last post titel 'High Five Fifty'. This post could have been 'Fifty-five done hit me.') That being said, maybe I am a little wiser. Maybe I will be able to offer more insights.

Just to flashback on why I considered Tarzan as a title. Being a fan, "I have concluded that he is a good role model. Tarzan was a renaissance man who could read, write and speak well and could hunt, track and live in the jungle. He was a naturalist, environmentalist, philosopher, and lord of two worlds. He understood danger, family, code, honor, right and wrong, nature, man, good and bad, power, humility and nobility."

So, maybe that should be something of a mission statement. But let's add words like together, sharing, and humor. I think that will up our survivability rate.

So let's see where this adventure in writing takes us.